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Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza - Kaite Goldsworthy


- Too general; covers info I've learned from other sources; lacks the interesting details of the Maya culture that would make kids sit up and say, "WOW!"


For example, on p. 13, a sentence about carvings on buildings reads, "Others are images of gods, such as Kukulcan and the rain god Chaac. There are also carvings of jaguars and serpents." Tell me more about the jaguar - representative of a god; tell me more about Kukulcan!


- Author not credited on front cover.

- Error on number of sugar cubes needed on final activity; while this is not a tremendous problem, I have to wonder if it's indicative of other editing/accuracy issues in the meat of the book.



Uses Spanish names, rather than English translations, i.e. Cenote Sagrado and sacbes