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Ancient Maya Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of Maya's Past

National Geographic Investigates: Ancient Maya: Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of the Maya's Past - Nathaniel Harris

Best page - p. 19 "When is a discovery not a discovery?" - Points out the fallacy of Europeans claiming to have "discovered" Maya ruins.


I also appreciated that this book, published in 2008, acknowledges how much of what researchers thought they knew about the Maya is now being called into question by new research.


This book attempts to put a face on the actual archaeologists currently working Maya sites. It balances a look at archaeological procedures with emerging information about Maya culture.


Help for my writing:

- colorful mural,

-cinnabar - red mineral used to paint body;

- jade masks - sign of royalty 

- trade for obsidian

- cacao - frothy chocolate drink

- what average person's home looked like

- quetzal - bird from jungle; sign of royalty

- canoe based trade to Tulum and Isla Cerritos (p. 48)