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Time Warp Trio: Me Oh Maya

[ Me Oh Maya #13 (Time Warp Trio (Puffin Paperback) #13) ] By Scieszka, Jon ( Author ) [ 2005 ) [ Paperback ] - Jon Scieszka

If you've got a child who likes basketball, the New York Knicks, adventure, or quick reads, check out the Time Warp Trio. They are always good for a hearty laugh and some interesting historical tidbits. When I saw that there was a Time Warp Trio book about the ancient Maya, of course I had to read it!


I've been wondering how to incorporate aspects of Maya culture in my own writing for children, so I was interested in how Scieszka managed. I was impressed at how he included specific snippets without bogging down the story.


* A priest standing at the top of El Castillo/ The Temple of Kukulkan can be heard by people in the plaza below through a trick of acoustics. I have not been able to confirm this in informational reading, but I'm still looking. The World Book Mysteries of the Maya (Enigmas of History series) does mention that a person clapping at the base of the north stairs can produce an echo that sounds like the chirp of the quetzl bird.


* Through a trick of light and shadows, the serpent appears to be crawling down the side of the pyramid. This is true, though most noticeably on the Fall Equinox. 


I was also struck at how Scieszka handled blood sacrifice: One of the boys had a bloody nose that appeased the God; the boy was hailed as having mercy for his opponents by sparing their lives.