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Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up - Matthew Holm, Jennifer L. Holm

10/18/15 ** Thank you to Scholastic for sending FREE copies of the finished book (not an ARC) to everyone who attended NErD Camp-Michigan.


Sunny is unexpectedly sent to spend a month of her summer vacation with her grandfather in Florida. At first she's bored - no other kids in the retirement community her grandfather lives in. Then she finds a friend and they embark on adventures involving an alligator, comic books, and cat location. However, Sunny is keeping a secret. 


Through flashbacks, the reader begins to see the events that led to the cancellation of the family vacation and Sunny's relocation to Florida.


Students unaccustomed to graphic novels may need support to attend to the changing dates/locations. I found myself flipping back to previous chapters several times to orient myself in the timeline.


Likewise, reading mentors (teachers/parents) should be aware that the big secret is that Sunny's teen-aged brother is struggling with substance abuse. This book is semi-autobiographical and the Holms want young readers to be aware that there are many places they can reach out for help if a loved one is struggling with abuse; they don't need to keep secrets. 


A valuable addition to any classroom or library collection.