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A Writer's Notebook

A Writer's Notebook - Ralph Fletcher 7/30/12 ** This book was approachable and useful for multiple audiences: teacher of writing, child writer, and adult writer. I definitely read it with two brains, teacher and writer. I think that Fletcher really intended his audience to be kids, however, I read it as a teacher, looking for ways to deepen and expand my fourth grade students' repertoire with their Writing Notebooks.

I did highlight & make cover notes about pages I wanted to reference when planning lessons. In addition, I kept my own fledgling writer's notebook (which I generally just use for writing that I'll share with students) nearby as I read. For several chapters, I wrote "off of" Fletcher's ideas (i.e. writing small, keeping a memory, writing from a news report, etc.)

During the past two years I read the intro to my students when we began our writer's notebooks. This year I plan to read excerpts from other chapters as I do subsequent mini-lessons about writing ideas.