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Monster Jokes

Monster Jokes - Michael Pellowski, Jeff Sinclair 7/8/12 ** Not sure why previous raters marked this at 2 stars, but also not sure how to evaluate a joke book, that not being my first pick of genres for personal reading.

That being said, I guess I really enjoyed this - responded with a fair number of groans and several outright chuckles - not bad for being 35 years past the intended audience. Given my past experience with my 4th graders' penchant for reading the Valentine's jokes to each other, I can certainly envision them enjoying this iteration on joke books.

As a teacher, I like the range of word-play...How about some pretty elementary literary allusions:
** What monster chased the three little vampire pigs? The Big Bat Wolf.

Or, how about more advanced literary allusions:
** INVISIBLE MAN: "I want to audition for the role of the Invisible Man in your new monster movie."
DIRECTOR: "Sorry, I just can't see you in the part."
** What hairy monster lives in the forest of Oz, wears a size 30 shoe and is three feet tall? Sasquatch the Munchkin.

Then, there's some math:
** What do you call a metric werewolf? The liter of the pack.

And even some geography and history:
** Why won't Godzilla devour the city of Athens? There's too much Greece in it.
** What monster helped win the American Civil War? Ghoulysses S. Grant.

If you're trying to add more love of language and enhance your children's joy in word play, you could do worse that pick up this book. :)