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Teaching Problems and the Problems of Teaching

Teaching Problems and the Problems of Teaching - Magdalene Lampert 6/7/11 ** I've read 3 chapters and believe this book will be very useful. The author draws on her knowledge as a 5th grade math teacher and a university researcher to present a model of math instruction based on the students' exploration of problems - an inquiry-driven approach in which the instruction of basic algorithms and concepts is embedded. While there is probably too much 'research jargon' for most teachers, I find that much of that can be skimmed over, if desired. The description of the math lessons is fascinating.

This book was recommended to me at the Discourse Analysis conference that I went to several weeks ago. I thought that it would help me learn more about teaching math through an inquiry perspective. Lampert positions herself as a teacher-researcher and had the enormous advantage of only teaching math with the students in this class. She gathered a tremendous amount of data over the course of the year and this book is the result of the analysis.