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Here Comes the Cat!

Here Comes the Cat! - Frank Asch,  Vladimir Vagin (Illustrator) 6/27/11 ** Book-a-Day: D30, Bk 35 ** This is a re-release of the original. The cover is different, but the interior seems to be the same.

The text is the same as the title - speech bubbles of mice saying, "Here comes the cat," in both English and Russian. The real story is in the illustrations - the mice are initially terrified because they see the cat coming over the hill. Creatures panic. As the story concludes, we see that the cat actually brought a huge wheel of cheese, rather than the terror that had been grimly anticipated.

Can be read at the surface level as a simple picture book showing relations between cats and mice, or at a more complex level as an allegory of the cold war.