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Adelita - Tomie dePaola 5/12/11 ** I read Adelita aloud in my 4th grade's continuing exploration of variations of the Cinderella story. I made the mistake of reading it cold, with out a recent preview. My Spanish-speaking students had fun listening to me stumble over the Spanish phrases; they also got to tell me the correct pronunciations.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this version is that Adelita took a more active role in catching the prince than in many versions. Adelita's "fairy godmother" is her non-magical nanny, Esperanza, who had been banished by the step-mother. Esperanza shows Adelita where her mother's old trunk was stored in the attic; Adelita goes to the ball dressed in her mother's dress and rebozo (shawl) using the name Cenicienta, or Cinderella. There is no glass slipper, or zapatilla de cristal, so when the prince visits all the homes looking for Cenicienta, Adelita hangs her rebozo out the window, thus giving him a clue that caused him to ask for another daughter of the house.

Though this was a library copy, I will be adding a copy of this book to my own library.