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Mystery at Blackbeard's Cove

Mystery at Blackbeard's Cove - Audrey Penn 12/27/2010 ** I knew I had to read this when the publisher told me the story of how the author researched the opening scenes, recruiting local teens to help her act out a church break-in, the theft of a coffin, and an attempt to sink the coffin in a storm-tossed ocean.

I wasn't disappointed. I was already thoroughly 'into' the story when the four teens got locked into a secret tunnel. After several skeletons, a pounding storm that shook the ceiling, and a fire, I knew I'd have to stay up late to finish reading - would they make it out? What were all the adults doing - surely they'd noticed the kids were missing?

A particularly engaging part of the story is the way that the ghost world of Blackbeard and the modern world of Ocracoke Island intertwined, both adding to the suspense of this tale.