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Sins of the Son (The Grigori Legacy)

Sins of the Son - Linda Poitevin 1/20/14 ** When I read this a year-and-a-half ago, I just commented that it was "grittier." Don't know if I was still stunned by the ending or if I didn't have time to think about my comments.

Poitevin's world building is phenomenal - consider, what could happen if a Son of God rejects his destiny? Is there such a thing as destiny? What happens when we exercise our freewill in positive or less productive ways?

I'm thinking about the phrase, "absolute power corrupts absolutely," but that doesn't completely apply - certainly the One (female, creator, God) seems to have absolute power but isn't corrupted. On the other hand, by giving free will to the mortals she created, she lost some power over them. She also thought she'd taken free will away from the angels, but some found a way around that.

This second in the series is characterized by loyalty, manipulation, betrayal, and horror. Many evils perpetrated by angels in heaven, the fallen in hell, and mortals on earth. However, many altruistic choices are also made, at nearly uncountable cost - by both angels and mortals.

A very thought-provoking book. I'm looking forward to beginning the third - available in eBook format.

1/16/14 ** Hmmm. I started this book this evening after finishing the first in the series yesterday. From the back cover, I decided that I hadn't actually read it before. Given this review from a year and a half ago, I obviously did read it! Now that I'm 52 pages in, individual scenes are coming back to me. However, I certainly don't remember the overall plot. I'm looking forward to a roller-coaster ride. :)

6/14/12 ** Better than the first book - more gritty, more personal conflict. Explains more of the world.