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Sins of the Angels (The Grigori Legacy)

Sins of the Angels (The Grigori Legacy) - Linda Poitevin 1/15/14 ** As I noted a year and a half ago, this series is definitely genre bending: cop procedural, paranormal/urban fantasy, gritty mystery, romantic scenes FULL of sexual tension.

I had a great time on the third read too. Enough surprise and plot twists to keep me guessing, even though I've read before, but... I was also able to understand the nuances in the angel-politics better. I enjoyed the characterization among all the characters - nuances that I could unpeel like and onion (I know, cliched.)

I'm fascinated by the world-building. Ideas that I find particularly interesting:
* The Creator, known as the One (who's female by the way), is (or even could be "tired"
* Humans have free will but the angels don't (or at least they're not supposed to)
* Humans can ignore the hints that their Guardian Angels try to give them to keep them safe
* Human lives and decisions are influenced by the maneuvering and manipulation of both the Heavenly angels and the Fallen Ones.

6/12/12 (2nd read, but don't remember when first read was) ** Assigning genres is so hard. My husband and I were talking about where to shelve this. I would look for it in thrillers/mysteries (with Lee Child, Kellermans, etc.) He voted for fantasy/sci fi. It's really urban fantasy, I guess. There are many ways to find entree' into this world.

The main character is a cop investigating a series of brutal murders. The scenes alternate between the main character's investigative experiences and angels discussing angelic politics. This is a fascinating look at the hierarchy among the angelic hosts, the fall of Lucifer & subsequent rise of demons, and the role of the creator in the lives of humans.