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Trickster's Choice (Daughter of the Lioness, Book 1)

Trickster's Choice  - Tamora Pierce 12/2013 ** Still my absolute favorite of Pierce's books. An important work about the dangers of colonialization, set within the framework of a teen/young woman finding her life's passion.

9/3/12 ** Read it again...needed comfort food at the beginning of the school year. Something that I could pick up each night to relax my brain but that wouldn't suck me into total disregard for weekend work (like lesson planning and grading!)

8/3/11 - Okay, I'm re-reading it again; wanted some comfort food to finish out my summer.:)

12/4/2010 - Started reading this while I was taking a break from FAIR GAME. Of course, to be fair, I should say I started re-reading it, since I've read it at least one time, and possibly two. I was craving Tamora Pierce and this is one of her more sophisticated, well-developed tales.