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Terrier (The Legend of Beka Cooper, Book 1)

Terrier - Tamora Pierce 12/13 ** Ditto - didn't realize I'd already read this calendar year.

5/13 ** Re-read this month because I wanted something familiar and comfortable.

8/11/12 ** I can't believe this wasn't in my list of GoodReads books already! I know that I've read the series one other time, but that must have been while I was in my GR hibernation phase. Well...I needed 'comfort food' last week while in the midst of pressures to start a new school year. I don't do well with new books during very high-stress periods because I either do nothing but read the new book (bad news for to-do-list accomplishment!), OR I forget what's happening b/c I only read 5-6 pages at a time.

Currently half-way through the first Beka - I so appreciate her dedication and willingness to take reasonable risks in her new role.