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Bloodhound (The Legend of Beka Cooper, Book 2)

Bloodhound - Tamora Pierce 12/13 ** re-reading.

5/31/13 ** I'm so impressed with the way that Tamora Pierce is able to weave political commentary that fits with the current issues of the day into her books. When Alanna came out 20 (or 30?) years ago, it was women being able to choose who their sexual partners would (or wouldn't) be. In this book, she deals with LGBT issues explicitly. In the sequel to this, Mastiff, the issue is slavery - of all types and as it still exists in our world.

8/13/12 ** Better than the first Beka Cooper. Achoo is a great addition. I appreciated the look at counterfeiting. Delightful description of Amber Rose, a woman in a man's body - an incidental character who helps us understand the LGBT community better.