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Battle Bunny

Battle Bunny - Jon Scieszka, Mac Barnett, Matthew Myers 10/28/13 ** This was one of the most fun books that I've read in a long time. Of course, one would expect a book from Sciecska to be pure fun. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed Mac Barnett's spoof of the Hardy Boys mysteries, so humor from this team of authors makes sense. I read the book aloud to my fourth graders, and we had kids literally rolling on the floor with laughter. One boy asked to go to the restroom, because I made him laugh so hard. A girl said her stomach hurt afterward. High praise indeed.

I can't wait to print the "original" images from Birthday Bunny and have my students start creating their own spoofs. The opportunities to discuss word choice and spelling patterns are endless.

I'd love to see a blog post or interview about the authors' writing process and collaboration.