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Sky High: The True Story of Maggie Gee

Sky High: The True Story of Maggie Gee - Marissa Moss, Carl Angel 8/9/13 ** I stumbled on this book the week before school started as I made my annual trip to the library to gather picture book biographies of scientists. I always keep my eyes out for biographies of other interesting people, though I am rather picky about the format. I prefer the picture book format, rather than the more "academic" mini-chapter book format that populates much of the j section of the biographies.

I'd never heard of Maggie Gee, but thought that this book would fit extremely well with the new collection of "Dreamers" picture books. I recently posted about the book More than Anything Else (Bradby/Soenpiet), which was the first "Dreamer" picture book I read this year. The second was this, about Maggie Gee, who idolized Amelia Earhart and dreamed of becoming an early female aviator herself. These books will form the core of a class-wide conversation about our dreams for ourselves.

I don't own it yet, but plan to rectify that problem soon.