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One - Kathryn Otoshi 8/2/13 ** I read this on the first day of school as the students and I began our discussion about the anti-bullying contract. The students began spontaneously chiming in with some of the rhythmic language. I hope that this becomes a benchmark text - one we return to again and again when we see people doing things that are mean.

To continue the saga that began last year when I spilled water...I met Otoshi again at ALA this summer (Chicago). I told her about nearly ruining and then salvaging One last year. She had a book that was officially "damaged," because a bug was smashed under the lamination of the front cover. She sold the book to me at a discount and then drew a picture of a circle around the bug with a speech bubble asking the reader to "Be the One." Thanks Ms. Otoshi.

8/8/12 ** I had the fortune to see Otoshi at ALA in New Orleans last summer & bought both One and Zero last year. Both use numbers and colors to convey the timeless message of standing up for oneself and others.

I had the misfortune yesterday of leaving a 32 oz. cup of water unattended on my desk at work. A stack of books tipped over and spilled the water. Unfortunately, my signed edition of One is now water-warped on the lower 2 1/2 inches. Oh well - it's still a beautifully simple story with a powerful punch. Will be using it Friday to launch my literature study of books related to bullying.