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Fire (Graceling)

Fire - Kristin Cashore 7/7/13 ** The first time I read this book, I was disappointed. At that time, I'd recently finished Graceling and really wanted a sequel...which Fire isn't. I may have read Fire again when I finished Bitterblue, but I don't recall.

Whatever, this time I gobbled it up in 2 days and found it stunning. I can easily stand alone. Cashore has created a character in Fire who can teach readers a lot about standing up for what is right and avoiding the good natured bullying that can happen when loved ones try to make us comply with their view of what is right. However, even as Cashore explores important themes of human relationships and what it means to be a compassionate, moral person, the book is rarely short on action.

If you're a fan of Tamora Pierce and want a new fantasy world with strong heroines and interesting plot complications, you'll want to read Fire.