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The Fiend and the Forge: Book Three of The Tapestry

The Fiend and the Forge - Henry H. Neff 3/7/13 ** Well, I'm not done reading this yet, but I'm thoroughly intrigued with the world. I appreciate the way that Neff shows Max's growth, both in a physical sense (he's shaving now) and emotionally. He's realizing that having people under one's care and for whom one is responsible might change how one approaches a problem. It seems that he's showing some empathy for the decisions of the Rowan leaders that he once criticized.

A note about my own reading...I was so "into" the world, that I didn't want to wait 2-3 days over the weekend for my local library to deliver books 3 & 4 to my branch (after I finished book 2). Because I now have an iPad with a functional Kindle ap, I succumbed and bought book 3 in the e format. I've not done much reading on the iPad but am finding unexpected benefits. I enjoyed reading the author's blog in the middle of reading the book and from the comfort of my bed/pillow. The hot links in the ebook format worked perfectly.