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The Devil's Bones (Five Star Mystery Series)

The Devil's Bones - Larry D. Sweazy 3/21/13 ** Thoroughly enjoyable murder-mystery plot. I enjoyed the way that race relations in Central Indiana and life in small-town Midwest were highlighted. The juxtapositions of events at different times added to the suspense.

Craft comments: excellent chapter endings; could use some copy-editing at the sentence level.

3/17/13 ** I met Sweazy at the Indiana Historical Society's Author's Fair in November 2012. When I read the flyleaf, the book seemed strangely familiar, but I couldn't place it until my husband reminded me that we'd heard Sweazy interviewed on The Art of the Matter (WFYI). Because I'd already collected such a large pile of books to purchase I decided to read a library copy of this book. Alas, my local library didn't have any copies - of books by a local author no less!

I requested that they order a copy and it finally came in. I read the first two chapters before going to sleep last night and they haunted me all night. A good sign for a thriller!