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The Second Siege: Book Two of The Tapestry

The Second Siege - Henry H. Neff 2/27/13 ** So, I totally changed my opinion about this series after reading the second book! After reading the first book, I thought that the series seemed very much like a Harry Potter knock-off...good for kids who needed to expand their horizon after Harry Potter, but very similar.

As I thought more about the system of good and evil during my reading of the second book, I realized how much different the world is. In HP, the evil is "pure human" - ambition and greed run amok. In the Tapestry world, the evil is introduced by demons from another place (I'm not clear on their origins). I have enjoyed the depth this offered.

I was so intrigued with the world that I couldn't wait for the library to send me books 3 & 4 (which I hadn't ordered initially because I wasn't sure I'd stick with the series.) I succumbed to the lure of ebooks and ordered book 3 as an ebook from Kindle and being read on my iPad.