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On Wings of Eagles

On Wings of Eagles - Ken Follett 1/13/13 ** This is the tale of the rescue of 2 employees of EDS (i.e. Ross Perot's company) around the time of the 1979 Iran Revolution (think Argo & the storming of the U.S. Embassy. The Revolution was in February and the U.S. Embassy events were in November.

The author, Follett, is well known for his spy/thrillers and he's clearly researched this event and written much of the story in the same style as that he uses for his thrillers.

My objections are that parts of the book seem to be a little over-the-top and one-sided in terms of praise for Perot.

I did enjoy getting a sense of this time period and putting things from Perot's presidential campaign in perspective. This is not to say that the book discussed his future run for president, just that I was able to connect events that occurred when I was in 8th grade (the Revolution) with those that happened after I was an adult (and more tuned into international events.)