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Griffin Rising

Griffin Rising (Book One: Earth) - Darby Karchut 1/5/13 ** This book begins with Griffin's 16th year and then quickly flashes back to his 13 year, with bulk of the story working back to the point of the opening scene.

We witness Griffin's training as a tiro - apprentice guardian angel - in our world. While the story exists in the framework of Terae Angeli - terrestrial based angels, it is really about the challenges of being an adolescent and exploring new skills, challenges, and relationships.

For my personal taste, I would have preferred a few more missions and a little less time exploring Griffin's relationship with Katie. However, that relationship rang true and many near-adolescents will enjoy both teens' experiences and journal entries.

I know that this book will be a welcome addition to my fourth grade classroom library, with teen role models who are worthy of admiration.