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Finn Finnegan

Finn Finnegan - Darby Karchut 1/3/12 ** I thoroughly enjoyed this urban fantasy. Mike Mullin's blurb on the front cover says, "If Lloyd Alexander had written The Ranger's Apprentice, the result might have been something like Finn Finnegan. I agree, with the exception that neither Lloyd Alexander or John Flannagan write stories that are set in our world. Readers of Susan Cooper (Dark is Rising or Pamela Service who write of Arthurian lore in the modern world would also enjoy Finn Finnegan. Readers of Emma Bull's War for the Oaks would also enjoy this collision of the Fey with the modern world.

Finn and his guardian/master warrior face interesting problems as they try to battle supernatural forces in the constraints of the modern world. The visit from the child protection worker is a key example. Also, I felt Finn's typical adolescent frustration with the rules and strictures of "parents;" many kids will be able to relate.

I look forward to reading the second volume and sharing the series with my fourth graders.