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I, Too, Am America

I, Too, Am America - Langston Hughes 12/30/12 ** Langston Hughes' poetry, Bryan Collier's collage illustrations; what more needs to be said?

Many thanks to my mother-in-law for the gift of this signed volume AND a signed, numbered, framed print of the cover. Even more, this book is rating high in the mock Caldecotts for this year...we'll see.

When you read the text, be sure to take time to read & re-read the illustrations. Notice the way the flag on the cover seems to create bars from behind which the African-American boy looks out. See the newspaper clipping about Bryan Collier himself. Look at the way the trains & subways move through distance and time. Consider the ways that one person's carelessly left magazine or newspaper might bring new perspectives to the person who finds it later.

Thank you Bryan Collier for your layered interpretations. I look forward to reading your project on the Pullman Porter - when you're able to complete it.