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Eight Cousins, or the Aunt Hill

Eight Cousins, Or, the Aunt Hill - Louisa May Alcott 7/28/12 ** I enjoyed reading about Rose's transition from being the petted helper to an invalid father to being the active young teen frolicking with her 7 boy cousins. Rose does definitely come across as being a bit priggish and goody-too-shoes (or is that goody-two-shoes?) This book isn't for all modern kids.

It is interesting to look at this book as it might have been seen by contemporary readers when Alcott wrote it. Alcott was in the midst of a campaign for more reasonable clothing, schooling, and physical activity for teens and tweens in the post-Civil War era. This book was originally published serially (much as Dickens' works were) and Alcott's passions are evident.

7/24/12 ** I was well-steeped in Alcott as a girl, and this is one of my favorites. After visiting Eight Cousins Bookstore in Falmouth, MA this summer, I became nostalgic.