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Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery

Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery - John Feinstein 7/9/12 ** Started this last night & finally stopped on p. 57. I may as well have kept reading, because the characters haunted my early attempts at sleep. I always think that's a sign of good writing. :)

And, now...I've spent the whole day reading this instead of the work/school-related reading that I was supposed to be doing. I suppose that we might be able to say this was work-related, since it's a middle-grades book and I definitely plan to talk it up to my 4th graders. HOWEVER, it definitely felt much more like "just for fun" reading than the book about literacy teaching, common core standards, or teacher research.

Okay, enough guilt-tripping.

You might like this book if...
* You enjoy sports, especially basketball
* You listen to John Feinstein's sports commentary every Wednesday on NPR's Morning Edition
* You live in a state that lives and breathes the NCAA Final Four Basketball tournament
* You like a good mystery with action, kidnapping, suspense, plot twists, and lying characters
* You want to read a tale set in pre-Katrina New Orleans & in the SuperDome (copyright 2005; hurricane hit 8/28/05)
* You enjoy reading about writers - yes, believe it or not, the teen protagonists are aspiring sports journalists and writing to a deadline, revision, thinking of story ideas, and meeting heroes who happen to be writers are all part of this tale.

Get it, read it! It sucked me in & wouldn't let me put it down.