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The Demon Redcoat (Traitor to the Crown Series #3)

The Demon Redcoat - C.C. Finlay 7/8/12 ** A solid end to the series. Magic became more ambiguous - which was good. It became clearer that the Covenant wasn't really fighting FOR the Brits, only supporting them as a means to their own goals. Also, Proctor began to cross the line into less-clear-cut "good" magic, causing us to wonder if the end justifies the means, or if magic involving blood isn't necessarily evil if the blood was offered, rather than taken by force.

I appreciated two oblique references to Marion, the Swamp Fox. I always like it when authors throw things in that I catch but know that many readers won't. These allusions would make sense to any reader, but give the more knowledgeable reader a sense that the author respects him/her. Thanks C.C. Finlay. :)