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A Spell for the Revolution (Traitor to the Crown Series #2)

A Spell for the Revolution - C.C. Finlay 7/6/12 ** This was a solid sequel to PATRIOT WITCH, though as I've spent more time in the world, I'm picking some things apart a bit.

Quibble #1: Proctor, Deborah & their allies are fighting against the Covenant, with good reason. I'm slightly perturbed by the sweeping generalization of good & evil magic correlated with the Patriots and British. The witches of the Covenant clearly practice a form of black magic that relies on the "death of innocents" to increase their power. Proctor, et al question their motives and the ethics of particular spells routinely. The wider implication seems to be that those fighting on the side of the American Patriots are "good" while those fighting for the British are "evil." To me, that seemed to be too clear-cut a distinction.

Quibble #2: The book seemed to drag some in the middle. However, I also recognized that in our actual history, the months prior to Washington's Christmas attack on Trenton, NJ really were dreary, cold, hungry, and hopeless. Finlay skillfully captured that sense of fear in all his characters.

One of the things I have most appreciated in this series is the way in which Finlay examines the historical facts and chooses ways that magic might have caused successes and challenges. He layers magic, such as the ghostly curse on the Continental Army, on top of historically documented events and people. This series has helped me reconnect with my teen passion for historical fiction.