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The Patriot Witch (Traitor to the Crown)

The Patriot Witch - C.C. Finlay 7/5/12 ** I thoroughly enjoyed this - a nice blend of historical fiction set in the opening months of the American Revolution and supernatural elements. Did you know that we had witches on both sides fighting a shadow war?

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE the internet? While reading THE PATRIOT WITCH, I wanted to see a 1775-era map of Boston, Lexington & Concord. So when Proctor fought in the Lexington battle and the Concord battle on the same day, how far did he really run down roads and cross country that day? A google search of "1775 Boston map" resulted in the following link to a map that was accessioned into the Library of Congress in 1918! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lexington_Concord_Siege_of_Boston.jpg

6/23/12 ** I had a rather round-about way of discovering this book. The author is the husband of YA author Rae Carson. I read the reviews & discovered that my library has the book. As a teen I loved historical fiction and have rather gotten away from that genre as an adult. This book is an alternate history/magical fantasy set during the American Revolutionary War. I look forward to reading it.