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The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda - Tom Angleberger 6/26/12 ** Changed to 4 stars after this reading; Re-read this summer b/c this book is one of the 20 on the upcoming year's Young Hoosier Nominee list. Getting ready for book talks. When I read Wonder (R.J. Palacio) several weeks ago, I was thinking of this book as well. Both books lead to excellent discussions about fitting in, teasing, and being kind to others, even if they're not quite like you. Seriously considering using this as my first read-aloud of the year.

6/15/11 ** Day? Book? (I've lost count!) ** Rated at 3 stars. In this book an origami figure of Yoda seems to have prescient powers and wise advice, or does he? Tommy assembles a case file of all the incidents where Yoda (in the form of a finger puppet on Dwight's finger) gave advice. He and an unbeliever make comments on the usefulness of the advice in an attempt to solve the mystery.

I enjoyed this solid book & can picture 4-6 kids from my class last year who would have loved it. I think this might be a transition away from Diary of a Wimpy Kid for some who are in a rut. I think that boys and girls alike will relate to the types of questions posed to Yoda - I splashed water on my pants; how do I keep kids from saying I peed my pants? I keep crying when I strike out at softball, what can I do?

It's well worth adding to the classroom library, but if you haven't read Horton Halfpott by Angleberger, make that your next book choice. Angleberger's voice is developing.