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The Pull of Gravity

The Pull of Gravity - Gae Polisner 6/16/11 ** Day 19, Book 28 ** Nick and Scoot are best friends (though Nick is a little embarrassed about this friendship); Scoot and Jaycee are friends (unbeknownst to Nick). Scoot is dying, Nick's father has left home, and Jaycee has decided that Nick needs to help her make a dying wish of Scoot's come true.

This poignant tale weaves together threads from the characters' lives with quotes and themes from various Star Wars movies and Of Mice & Men, creating a tapestry that inexorably pulls you along. After falling asleep reading the book on my first evening, the characters talked to me in my dreams; I wanted to know what was happening to them. You'll want to meet Nick, Jaycee and Scoot too; sometimes it takes a friend to recognize what you need even when you don't know yourself.