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The Gray Wolf Throne (A Seven Realms Novel)

The Gray Wolf Throne  - Cinda Williams Chima 6/28/11 ** Well, I committed the ultimate sacrifice and left this ARC at home while I went on a three day trip (where weight & bulk were issues), hence, it looks like it took me 6 days to finish the book, instead of 2.

This is book three of the Seven Realms series, in which Raisa, the Princess Heir of the Queendom of the Fells fights using her wiles, her guards, and yes, her kisses, for the good of the realm (Yes, think Queen Elizabeth I of England). Representatives of each of the disparate peoples of the realm, Han Allister, Amon Byrne, Reid Nightwalker, and Micah Bayar all vie for her attentions (and the reader's sympathy) as they compete for Raisa's attention and favor.

While I wish that our writers of high fantasy would go back to the standard trilogy, I definitely plan to continue to read the Seven Realms novels. Raisa is a strong heroine and I'm really curious about which man she'll end up with. Maybe it won't be a traditional fairy tale and she'll stay single?! (Though I doubt it.)

6/24/11 ** I got an ARC, I got an ARC.... hee, heee. Half way through & definitely enjoying it. I'm not seeing any of the story discontinuity that I saw in book three of the Warrior Heir books.