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Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, Book 1)

Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare 2/27/11 ** A prequel to the Mortal Instruments series, this book is set in Victorian England. In the first 20% of the book, I feared that it would simply be a recreation of the basic plot and characters that appeared in the original trilogy - a seemingly mortal girl who discovers that she has supernatural powers and three members of the shadow hunter clan: two male, one stuck-up female, etc. However, as the story unfolded, Clare did add new elements and some surprises in the characterization.

One interesting element is the way the reader is reminded of the very different mores and cultural norms of the Victorian era. The main character comments about the shadow-hunter practice of calling people by their first name, rather than using Mr. and Mrs. Also, gender norms, such as women being too weak or men being naturally inclined to violence, are explored.

Clockwork Angel is an interesting story with solid world building - a solid companion to the original series.