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Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray

Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray - Nick Bruel 6/10/11 ** Day 14 Book 18 ** This chapter book edition of the Bad Kitty series is a great transitional chapter book for kids who love humor. This is the tale of Bad Kitty and Puppy who've been left for a week with Uncle Murray. Of course, Uncle Murray loses the battle of wits. With a combination of text heavy pages, full-page comic images, and comic-book style frames, Bruel does a great job capturing the idiosyncratic nature of cats. You won't want to miss the cat diaries in which 16 minutes trapped in a closet with the puppy becomes many weeks - behold, the dog's leg suddenly seems to be a turkey leg.

Also appealing is the inclusion of various facts, for instance cats have 64 vertebrae on their relatively short frame, as compared to humans' 32. Bruel also includes a list of 12 phobias at the end of the book to complement the collection of fears held by the typical cat.