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No More Dead Dogs

No More Dead Dogs - Gordon Korman 6/8/11 ** Day 12 Book 14 ** Totally not what I expected - this book underscores the reasons why it's better to have actually read the books one is trying to book talk in class!

Wallace Wallace is stubborn and absolutely believes in the truth, even when it hurts. His English teacher wants him to write a review of a "classic" (though imaginary) book called Old Shep, My Pal, in which the dog, of course, dies. Wallace won't say he loved the book, the teacher won't rest until Wallace turns in a "proper" review. Wallace ends up on detention, for weeks, causing him to miss football.

Written with Korman's usual humorous touch, this book was somewhat difficult to get into because each chapter is written from a different person's perspective. Once I figured out how various characters were connected, the story pulled me along.