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Hate That Cat: A Novel

Hate That Cat - Sharon Creech 6/1/11 ** Day 5, Book 5 ** Love, love, love this book. I enjoyed the way that Jack evolved; this book seemed to be more about him and less about the poetry. Even in the poetic form, Creech used foreshadowing, with Jack's early poems wondering about what one 'hears' during a poem if they can't actually hear. Later, we discover that his mother is deaf. Now, one of the references in the first book makes more sense.

I do wonder about the old, fat black cat bringing the kitten home after it had been missing for about 20 days. It sounds good in the poem, but I'm not seeing most old cats doing that or most kittens surviving for 20 days away from home.

I really love, love, love the teacher. Finally, I appreciated that Creech included the mentor text poems (from real poets) that she included in Jack's narration. I think this book would invite readers into books of poems that are mentioned - a real ladder text (there you go Terri Lesesne.)