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Wolf Camp

Wolf Camp - Katie McKy, Bonnie Leick 5/30/11 ** Day 3 of Summer Break, Book 3 ** Wolf Camp is a whimsical look at the transformation that often occurs while children are away at camp. Maddie shows her mother a flyer for a 2 week summer camp with a wolf theme; she stands crossing her fingers and holding paws with the collie waiting for her parents' verdict. Interestingly, the book doesn't cover the time Maddie is at camp at all, instead picking up again after she returns - with some very interesting habits. I was amused to see Maddie growling at the collie, eating grasshoppers, and playing tug-of-war with her teeth.

Leick's illustrations perfectly complemented the text, while also adding to the story. On several pages, the newspaper held by the father detailed odd sightings of wolf-like children. Another page showed Maddie and the dog dismembering a roasted chicken. My only quibble with the illustrations is that they perpetuate gender stereotypes, including the father sitting at the table reading the paper while the mother cooks. The best illustration is on the two page spread that shows Maddie from the perspective of her feet. The expression on her face perfectly captures her longing for the grasshopper.

This is a great summer read-aloud for the younger child who dreams of going away to camp.