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Club Dead (Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 3)

Club Dead - Charlaine Harris 28 May 2011 ** Day #1, Book #1 of summer break (though some would quibble about this being the first day of break, since we have to return for a teacher day and retirement banquet on Tues., 5/31.

In book 1, the enemies seemed to be local, as Sookie figured out the Vampire society through Bill. Book #2 seemed to focus on vamipire-hating humans (The Church of the Rising Sun) as enemies. In this book, we meet the werewolves. As I read more, I continue to think of cotton candy - the stories provide a good escape from day-to-day life, I like Sookie's spunkiness (and the word-a-day calendar), and I read them pretty quickly. However, once I'm done reading, I can't remember much of the plot!

I would recommend the series though, especially for those who've enjoyed the HBO series True Blood or those who want a stronger female character than Bella affords.