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Two Moon Princess

Two Moon Princess - Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban 4/19/2011 ** Andrea is a princess, the fourth daughter of the king, who reportedly stormed out of the room when he saw that he still didn't have a son. After spending her youth as a page, the book opens when Andrea is fourteen (though 17 in our reckoning) and facing her father's decision of whether she should continue her knightly training as a squire, or go to her mother's supervision to become a 'lady.'

Andrea is a feisty, though perhaps naive, heroine who is struggling to reconcile her own dreams with the seemingly arbitrary demands of her parents. At times, I was filled with frustration by the callousness of the adults in Andrea's life; at others I wanted to shake Andrea myself. Ultimately though, I decided that Andrea is a somewhat unreliable narrator - the reader sees the other characters as she perceives them, and what teen doesn't feel misunderstood by the adults in her life? What teen isn't conflicted about first love and life goals?

So far this sounds like medieval historical fiction, right? Wrong; this world actually has a mysterious door that takes one 'elsewhere,' though I'll make you read the book to find out where. Much of the book focuses on Andrea's attempt to navigate two worlds with very different expectations for young women.

Though the settings and the heroines are very different, if you enjoyed Hari-mad's story in The Blue Sword by Robin McKinnley, you'll definitely enjoy Andrea's tale. I highly recommend Two Moon Princess.

4/16/2011 ** I heard that this book is 'the next Graceling, so of course I have to read it! Fortunately, my husband and I own a copy, so I just have to remember to pick it up the next time I'm reading for a new book!