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Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair

Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair - Patricia Polacco 3/25/11 ** Aunt Chip hasn't gotten out of bed in the memory of the narrator. He describes a world where books are used as doorstops and to shore up the town dam. School is taught by televisions and the adults plan their day according to the television shows. Of course the book has a happy ending with the kids learning to read from Aunt Chip and then teaching their parents to read. While the story is a rather heavy-handed treatment of the perils of television, I can't resist the message.
I unexpectedly had time to kill on Friday (the last day before spring break) - 1/3 of my class went to the mobile dentist right before I'd planned to give the spelling test. My Polacco books were all out, preparatory to taking them home, so I grabbed this one to read aloud. I had a great time making the voice of Aunt Chip old, quavery, and very southern. My fourth graders seemed to enjoy that very different voice as well.
Many of the kids really got into it. There were predictions and comments popping up all over the room. I even had several kids say out loud that reading was way better than T.V. Yes!!