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A Conspiracy of Kings (Thief of Eddis)

A Conspiracy of Kings - Megan Whalen Turner 2/22/11 ** Well, I enjoyed this so much that I read it twice in very close proximity. I finished it first on a Sunday, read another book on Monday, and re-read this on Tuesday. I guess that's what happens when I'm 1) sick, and 2) not ready to leave a fantasy world.

2/20/11 ** This book begins around the same time that King of Atolia ends, and then backs up to tell the story of Sophos, about whom references were made in both the Queen and King of Atolia. Sophos had been kidnapped and assumed dead, but Turner reveals his adventures in this compelling book.
One thing that drew me to this story is that we again get a young-ish male adventurer, rather than the political infighting and rather complex 'adult' look at war, governance, and scheming. While my husband didn't have the same take that I did, I felt that Queen and King might not appeal to the upper elementary kids the way that Thief did. This book re-captures that younger audience. Definitely 5 stars.