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The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (paper-over-board) (Narnia)

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - C.S. Lewis, Pauline Baynes 12/17/2010 ** Well, we broke down and went to see the movie in the first weekend of its release. For a movie, it was well done. However, as a movie based on a book, I had some issues. Where did the green mist and seven swords come from? More importantly, why? Also, Michael and I think they changed the sequence in which the characters visited the islands. Of course, I have to read the book again to find out. I know that I've read this series off and on since I was in 6th grade, but can't remember when I last read it. Probably when Prince Caspian was released as a movie a few years ago.

As I read just the first 8 pages a couple nights ago, I thought what a good read aloud this would make. :)

12/22/2010 ** I finished this reading of Dawn Treader today. Of course, that doesn't count the many,many times that I've read it before. I noticed that my copy of the book shows a sale price of $1.25 - don't see that too often any more.

One of the things that I noticed on this reading is that the British spellings are use, i.e. favourite. I'll have to look at the Scholastic editions in my classroom and see if that's been changed. Another thing that I noticed is the way Lewis inserts his own voice as a narrator in the story, i.e. when he adds comments like, "I have no idea why..."

I still think this would make a good read aloud - story language and world-building is so much more sophisticated than what I've read with these students before, hmmmm....