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Day of the Night Crawlers (Notebook of Doom #2)

Day of the Night Crawlers - Troy Cummings

4/13/14 ** I love this series.  Cummings has the knack for creating interesting stories that kids of all ages love, while also getting in little digs that adults enjoy too.


Just the name of the town, Stermont, is a hoot, cleverly illustrated in the first book with an image of the town water tower showing the 2nd half of the word and then the first: mont * Ster.  A warning that in Stermont, you might find just about any sort of creepy monster.


My favorite line in this book: "I'm sorry you got mad when I called you names and stuff" (p. 59).  Cummings totally nails the kids voice - I'm not really sorry that I called you names, just that you got mad. :)