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Shortcut - Donald Crews

8/28/14 ** I nearly always use Shortcut with my students when I teach about writing personal narratives/memoir/slice of life pieces.  It is so short and Crews builds tension so well, that it is an excellent mentor text.  This year, in a new teaching job, I was focused less on the writing aspect and more on the narrative aspect.  I used this text to help students learn about the parts of "typical narratives" (if there is such a thing!)  We read and the talked about the beginning, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.


As usually happens, after the read aloud and mini-lesson, the book is a popular free-choice reading text over the next few days.


9/18/13 ** Read aloud with another group of fourth graders. They were mesmerized. Interesting how children show engagement - some absolutely silent, with others calling out their predictions and gasps.

8/20/12 ** A excellent mentor text for Writing Workshop - memoir. It's easy to see how this might have started as an entry in the author's writer's notebook and then become a published text.

The text itself is suspenseful and clearly conveys a snippet in time.